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"Until I went to Dr. Jones, I had never left a dental office with more problems than when I went in.  Prior dentists created problems when replacing old silver fillings with composites and I eventually had to have root canals and caps.r. Jones was able to save a very expensive previous cap on a tooth and do a root canal to cure an abscess. All of the work I've had done was perfect and painless and the staff is friendly and efficient.  He also has state of the art technology so I'll be seeing him again for bleaching and Invisiline braces to even out my teeth. He's the best dentist I've ever had...and I'm old enough to have had many."
- F.B.


"I've had a fear of the dentist for a long time, but everyone here put me at ease. The cleaning I got was thorough, but gentle. Friendly staff and clean office. Great experience.."
- Katie M.


"Dr. Jones and his staff have really been amazing. I have always had seriously bad luck with my teeth - so going to the dentist has always been a chore for me. Dr. Jones, Barbie and the rest of the staff make me feel right at home, the moment I walk through the door. They are so gentle and caring when cleaning my teeth, and super thorough. My husband always finds an excuse to skip out on his dentist appointment, but after he went to Dr. Jones's office a few days ago - he promised he would be back in 6 months. He had nothing but good things to say about his cleaning there, and keeps showing me how clean his teeth are : ) They have done some amazing things with my seriously screwed up mouth... so appreciated."
- H.B.


"I've been seeing Dr. Jones and his coworkers for dental work now for about eight years or so, and would never switch to anyone else. I found him when he was doing some work in San Francisco, and even though I still live here I gladly make the trips every six months or so to see him up in Petaluma. Why? Because he has consistently done fantastic work (even though I haven't needed too much at this point *knock on wood* - my dad was a dentist too, so I grew up with him forcing me to be good about brushing, flossing, etc.). Dr. Jones is thorough, explains everything he is doing, works fast but competently, will completely accommodate if you have any type of emergency, and the prices he charges are very reasonable. He has a modern office with the latest equipment, and is an extremely pleasant guy to deal with. His staff are all fantastic as well. I couldn't honestly say that I actually look forward to having a dental appointment, but going to Dr. Jones is about as close as I would get to feeling that way."
- Scott F.


"I hate dentists, hate dentist visits more and hate a visit to a new dentist even more! Michael and his staff were so chill; I relaxed the moment I made it through the door. Double appts for my 12 yo daughter and I . Our last DDS was fine but said cruel things that scared my daughter to tears (still no cavities). Michael was a real guy who took the time to talk to me when my mouth did not have tools in it and was able to talk to my daughter in a way we left satisfied. My one complaint is that darn DemandForce review and marketing system. Come on, what's the point of allowing reviews when you can edit them or remove them? You don't need that, Dr. Jones! His "thing" is single day crowns. I think it is interesting to note that I knew I had buckle cracks on two molars, showed him and he did NOT advise me to fix, but said it would eventually need it. I was certain I needed to spend 500x2 today!"
- Larry W.


"Dr Jones and staff are friendly and professional. I just had root canal therapy yesterday and I haven't experienced any discomfort at all. In under 2 hours, I had the root canal, build up and crown from start to finish. The last time I had a root canal done by another dentist, I had at least 24 hours of pain associated with the procedure. Some pain is to be expected but to have none is a very pleasant surprise. My tooth was in pretty bad shape considering I broke it almost a year ago and did nothing about it until it became quite painful, but he was able to save it. He didn't try to make me feel bad about only seeing a dentist every 14 years or so and didn't try to suggest that my whole mouth needed work. He and his staff were very attentive to my comfort level and did everything possible to make me comfortable. Barbie in the office was very helpful with insurance and Care Credit paperwork and explained everything perfectly. Thank you, Dr. Jones and staff, you have a patient for life."
- Eric H.


"I have been a patient of Dr. Jones for years. I had been afraid of going to the dentist most of my life. He has changed that fear. He is extremely good at what he does. He is professional, pays attention to detail AND is gentle with big babies such as myself! I would highly recommend him. "
- Karen G.


"I have been to many dentists over the years, and have never found a dentist that I trust as much as Dr. Michael Jones. He is rare in the field of dentistry in terms of putting the concerns of his patients above all else. He and his staff have always made me and my husband feel comfortable and valued as clients. I have had a couple of minor dental emergencies that occurred over the weekends; Dr. Jones did not hesitate to accommodate my needs appropriately. The fact that I can get a crown made in the office is an incredible benefit. No temporaries or repeated visits. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Jones and the staff at Park Place Dental!"
- Sean U.


"Petaluma is lucky to have Dr. Mike Jones. I went to him when I lived in SF and he moved his practise to Petaluma and broke my heart. Then my husaband and I moved to Petaluma and I knew I at least had one thing going for me here - I already had a dentist. Dr. Jones is the nicest person - his wife is also a hygenist and the entire staff is incredibly positive, friendly and accomodating - I already know it will be a great experience for my son when it's time for him to start going."
- Kelly V.


" my experience with this dentist and his staff is why I recommend this business."
- Merry M.

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